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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring"

Can it be that IT is finally here...has spring truely sprung? In the midwest it has been a very loooooooooooong winter...with hints of spring.....but, I think it has FINALLY arrived. Rich will say that I say this at the beginning of each season...but spring is definitly my favorite season. It is the season of hope of that all that is to come. It is a reminder to me of all those things that are so precious in my husband, my children, my dear friends. It is hard for me to look out of my window, or better yet, step outside my door and not be reminded of all of God's promises.
In the midwest, we may endure the long, dark winter and all that comes with it, but we also have the privledge of enjoying the four seasons and all that come with each. Grass is green again, flowers are beginning to bloom. Springs holds forth the hope of fresh beginnings.


trgoble said...

You are just so talented. Way to go girlfriend!!! I love your blog. Never give up. Keep your eye on your goal. You ARE arriving!!!!!!!!

mfarm said...

This is so you! Just wait till people see all you have to offer. You are so talented.