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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Is this the sweet face of innocence? My sweet Sadie-girl. I was working in the shop today and Rich made me an iced latte (yumm his are the best!). I had set it down on a drawer and continued painting.

mmmm, don't really remember taking a drink yet......and I thought it was full when I set it down. But, why are there splatters everywhere??
Is this a guilty face?
Those are not freckles my friends..... GUILTY! Another one hooked on caffiene.
And not to gross you out......but, yes...I did finish drinking it. Don't they say a dog's mouth is cleaner then a humans? Didn't i read that somewhere????

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


How do you describe the joy that you feel the first time you see your son (or daughter) with their first child? It is so hard to put into words. We have now been blessed with 2 grandchildren. The first in November with the arrival of Maryn Rae.
I will never forget walking into the room and seeing Tyler holding her. Intense happiness. That definition does not even come close.
November 11, 2010. Maryn Rae and her proud daddy Tyler.
June 10, 2011....Welcome to the world Harrison Andrew! Proud daddy Jason.
Another moment I will never forget. Jason walking through the doors into the waiting room to tell us that Harrison had finally decided to make his arrival. Jason was so emotional and could not stop crying. I hope that he will always hold onto that moment and the joy he felt.
Great-grandma Mayberry meets Harrison for the first time!

My sweet Maryn is growing so fast! OMG! She is such a joy.....I love every moment with this little girl! When you walk in the room, her face lights up. She is such a happy baby. No matter how bad my week is going....just knowing that I get to spend time with her each Friday makes it better.
In case you have not figured it out...I am definitely one of those obnoxious grandma's who think that her grandchildren just happen to be the most beautiful babies in the world. But, looking tat these pictures who can argue? Seriously, children are such a blessing. I love being a mother....but I think this grandma thing just may even be better!
Thought I might as well throw in a little advertising, too! Slowly but surely I am working on items for the July 23 sale. These are a couple of button bracelets that I did. Fun!
Loving the sentiments here.....plan to do more of these. This one already has a place in my kitchen.Everything is so green and lush right now! Thought I would take you for a fast walk through some of our garden.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My beautiful niece Lauren is getting married July 9th in Fisher's. Sunday, Missy and I hosted a family shower/luncheon in her honor.

These are some pretty important ladies to me. My sister-in-law Sharon, daughter Sara, niece Marissa, Lauren, me niece Shelby and daughter (in-law) Missy. I love spending time with all of them. Because we are so scattered....some live in Michigan, it does not happen often enough! They are all so special to me! I know it meant a lot to Lauren that we were all able to get together for a special afternoon.
This is Lauren with her sister Kiersten and mother Kelly.
Here comes the bride.....I know this is kind of hard to read. I painted it on an old window I hung at the back door.
I am sure you are not surprise to find a picture of Maryn . She loves her cousin Lauren!
It is so exciting watching someone you love grow up! Just does not seem possible that Lauren can be getting married. She has always been very special to me. I still remember going to Richmond the day she was born, her spending time at our house. We are all so proud of her. She graduated from Purdue University (her uncle Rich is SOO proud of that!) and works in Indy. She and Kraig began dating in high school. They are just a really neat couple and I cannot express how happy I am for them! Looking forward to the big day.