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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I thought it would be fun for Missy's mom, Milly, and I to keep a journal that we could give to Maryn in the future. So, I made us each a little journal.....they are alike, but different. Milly will be able to journal some of her memories of raising Missy, while I will do the same about Tyler. Plenty of room to write and add pictues other mementos. There is a page for the proud grandpas to write about the first time they saw Maryn...... It is just a simple journal, but, I hope that we can both record alot of wonderful memories and will tell Maryn a little bit more about her amazing parents and what it was like for her us to our children become parents.

the day we found out that Maryn was coming.....

love notes about Maryn's daddy

Sunday, November 14, 2010


MARYN (*sounds like Karen) RAE ROMINE has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, November 11 and 1:58 pm. 7 lbs 8 oz and 19 3/4 long! And SO worth the wait!
She may be little but she has us completely wrapped around those precious fingers! Maryn is the first grandbaby for both families. A year ago we would never have imagined this moment.
Missy and Tyler had been praying for a baby for 4 years and had actually began the process of adopting from Ethiopia. God answered their prayers...........but in a much different way then what we were all planning..............a precious miracle named Maryn. .

So love this picture. To see Missy with Maryn in her arms.....touches me. Missy will be a wonderful mother........

Proud Momma and Dad with our precious Maryn.

We all feel so blessed. Most of our friends are already grandparents......and I guess I never fully understood. And as corny as it may is like the world seems brighter! It is walk around with your heart on the outside. So, just in case you have not got the point ......
I AM SO SO IN LOVE with this little bundle of beauty. We are all so thankful to God for this precious gift......and what a blessing it is to know that Maryn will grow up in a home with parents that will not only let her know every day how very much they love her but that also has a heavenly father that loves her even more!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


We had a fun busy busy Friday night! It is always so much fun to see people that I have not seen since last sale! We had alot of fun. I had plenty of help this year. My daughter Sara always comes from Ft Wayne to help. This year, my very very pregnant daughter in law Missy was on hand to help! She made no bakes and baked some yummy pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins for the sale. And this year we were joined by Bridgett from VictoriaGean's. Love love love this talanted lady! She did all of the cute little hats, baby pods and eternity scarves. And some amazing hair clips.

Hope you can visit us today. We are open from 10-2. We still have alot of fun things !

we still have a couple of rings left......these were very popular! FUN!





mommy and me aprons....

eternity scarf made by my good friend Bridget......SOLD....but she is taking orders.

Chalk board tags. Sold alot of these, but still have a few left. Great used on packages, storage baskets, as a napkin ring. I am sure you can think of several used. Fun

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Almost ready. One more full day to get things in place. I wanted to share a few things that you will find at this year's sale. Just a reminder...this Friday 3-8pm and Saturday 10-2:00.
the bebe bird boutique

so so SWEET! This is a baby pod and hat. This one is actually sold. But, Bridget will be taking orders.

love the simplicity of this one

block letters

love love love this necklace. Really thinking of keeping this one......

rings for every finger!! These are done using vintage earrings


this cute little knob can be found on

this cute little red desk!

Small cabinet/table top chalk board. Keep your grocery list handy or post tonight's special!

A small wall cabinet

Don't you love the cute little porcelain knob.....

and the inside is lined with old sheet music.

A little side is done in old yardsticks.

how cute is this? Wish I had thought of something like this when my kids were bringing home their daily artwork. Four clips along the bottom will let you display in style. The top is actually a you can personalize.