Journey Home

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saturday was a great day for garage sales!!!! We hit a barn sale at 7:30 and were on a roll until noon. Check out some of the haul. We found a lot of things for the up-coming sale (June 13-14). Which means I need to get the paint brush out and start working some magic. I promise things will look different. I also have to share some flower shots..........they are so beautiful. Everything is coming to life!

Friday, May 23, 2008

What a cold, dreary start to a holiday weekend! But, it is suppose to warm up. YEAH! I think of this as the official start to summer... We do not have any big plans. Sara is coming home this evening. I have been painting all week, getting ready for my up coming sale. It is set for June 13-14. The original date was 6-7th, but, then I found out that town rummages were scheduled for that weekend. So, plan B went into action. I am late in getting my mailers out. But, Rich just picked them up, so they will be in the mail this afternoon! We have found alot of goodies that I have been busily re-working and painting and I am anxious to share. I will be posting some pictures this weekend of some of the sale items. I have been busy painting, working on paper goods, painting, jewelry making, painting, tagging items, painting, doing some mosiac work, painting. Did I mention that I am doing ALOT of painting????? I am also posting some pictures that were taken around the house. I am always moving things from room to room, re-painting (that's a surprise), and re-purposing things. I LOVE IT!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I met two of my dearest friends this morning for coffee at The Tree of Life. Why do we not take time to do this more often? It was just what I needed to get my day started! Rich stopped by and took this picture of us. I know Myra, you did not want to see this posted....but, we all know that we "look so much better in person". One of my goals, this year, is to try and be better about taking the time to spend with the special people in my life...and recording it..and how do you do that without a picture?


Sunday, May 11, 2008


Sara is home for the weekend and Tyler and Missy came down yesterday. So we had an early mother's day lunch at the Half-Moon Restaurant and Brewery in Kokomo. Really good food and I tried fried pickles for the first time. YUM! I may be hooked. Is there anything that cannot be dipped and deep-fried? I do not think it would make our cardiologist's good food list! My mother's day started early....Jason invited us to Heritage Point for a mother's day program on Monday evening. He is the activities director for one of the Alzheimer's floors at Heritage Point, and he had organized the program for the residents. It was so good. It was a voice class made up of 9 children, ages 8 to 12. They sang songs from The Sound of Music. I kept thinking I was watching America's next American Idols! I am so proud of Jason. I really believe that he is right where the Lord intended him to be. He loves the residents and it is so obvious that they love him. As a mother, to see my son not only happy doing something he loves, but, to watch the reaction of those that he is affecting touches my heart! I hope that you are having a Happy Mother's Day with your loved ones.

Monday, May 5, 2008

It is pretty bad when you look forward to going back to work, so you can get rested up! After spending the week at the Vera Bradley outlet sale....I am worn out! But, what fun! I just don't think I am use to 10 hours of being on my feet all day! I just talked to Sara and 60, 000 people attended this year! WOW! I knew there were some die-hard Vera Bradley fans out there, but, that is alot of people! Seriously, I am signed up for next year. It was alot of fun! I met people from all over that had driven or flown in for the event. Atlanta, Kansas, Nebraska, Florida. Plus, I worked with some of the nicest people and am already looking forward to seeing and working with them next year. On Monday , I worked with a girl from Decatur, named Missy. We have already been e-mailing back and forth and plan to stay in touch. She and her boss, Amy, had taken a couple of days from their jobs to work the sale. They were so much fun to be with!
Sara found a house!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her. She will know tomorrow if it positively has gone through. But it is so cute and perfect for her! And, move in ready! Of course, she has already lined up her favorite painter (could that be mom????) to paint the kitchen cabinets...white of course! It will be perfect for all of her cottage/shabby chic things.
I will be posting pictures for sure!! I am posting a picture of the Friendly Fox.....we has brunch there on Sunday..........yum! Great food....we will be going back there for sure!