Journey Home

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It is so hard to believe that we are about to enter 2011. Is it just me or does that sound so strange? It is that time of year that we begin to reflect on the past, looking forward to the future and what it holds. I know I have so much to be thankful for. The arrival of Maryn Rae Romine on November 11th. tops the list. So hard to believe that last Christmas Missy and Tyler told us that they felt that God was shutting the door on having a baby and after much prayer they had made the decision to adopt. They had begun the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Their home studies had already been completed but God had other plans for them. We all feel so blessed with this amazing gift! I am so grateful . Tyler and Missy are both amazing parents. I know that I will never, ever forget the day Maryn was born . The faces of Missy and Tyler are forever in my memory.

And, next Christmas we will have another little one to welcome into the family. Jason and Leonda are due June 21st. Just in time for Jason's 38th birthday! Can't wait. I love that our family continues to grow!

This was probably one of my favorite projects to work on for someone. I had a call a few weeks before Christmas from a girl that wanted to share her grandmother's vintage earrings with her cousins. I made 10 rings that she gave to them. I loved the whole thought that went into this gift. And the earrings, instead of being packed away in the back of a drawer are now being loved and enjoyed by grand-daughters. What a special gift packed with memories.

nathan and jessa.....will always be close to their mother's heart with this sterling necklace.

This was another fun piece to work on. This client had someone that was very special in her family's life. She asked me to create a necklace with items that represented things she loved.
Family, mermaids, birds, playing dominoes, etc.

Such a fun piece to work on! I hope that she enjoys it.

Grandma found a coupld of hats while in Columbus. I thought they were so sweet...

this is made out of felting and it has a little bird on the side.....

I have LOVED this part of the holidays.....FAMILY...........

This is a piece that I decided to surprise a friend with at the last minute. This hymn was played at her Mother's funeral and holds a special place in her heart.

Christmas was special this year because of this little girl. We celebrate on Christmas Eve morning with our kids with a brunch. I loved the time with them. No rush to get somewhere else. Very layed back.

Miss Molly grabs grandpa's chair when he gets up!

Can never get enough of this face.

Sara....Happy Birthday baby girl!!!!

What a handsome couple! I know women are suppose to glow when they are pregnant...but, I swear, Missy has the afterglow! She radiates!!!!

Maryn and her auntie Sara

And as time is winding down on this year.....we are stilling enjoying those last days of 2010. Sara is here until the 29th. Which means we have been to the movies twice (Little Fockers....ummm you can pass on this one...and True Grit............SO GOOD!)

We are eating, watching old movies, eating and playing games.

Wrapped up watching old movies Christmas day.....Sara checking her text..........lots of birthday wishes!

Looking forward to July when this beautiful couple will marry. My niece Lauren and her guy Kraig. This is an amazing couple. They have been together since high school. They are a neat couple. And our family continues to grow.......

Tonight, will probably be another phase 10 challenge to establish this years "Grand Puba" (this is our title for winner).

maybe watching another old movie. We still have not pulled out "Holiday" or "Christmas Vacation" (did I hear a gasp??)
And there will probably be a little more eating....what is more comforting this a rice krispie treat?

Looking forward to 2011 and what it holds. I have so much to be thankful for this year. God has brought us through another year.....and our blessings are many! Have a very blessed New Year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I miss my dad. December 17, 2002 was THE saddest day of my life and also one of the happiest. My dad left his earthly home and is now enjoying his heavenly home...seeing his mother and father again...brothers and sisters that had gone before him, even a great grandson that he has now probably held for the first time. There are days that I miss him so much that it is like there is a weight on my chest. Other days I think of him and it just brings a smile to my face. It is still so hard to believe that he is gone. I am beginning to forget what his voice sounded like and that scares me. Even though I know I would recognize it instantly if I heard it. My dad was a very strong force in our family. He was the one that we went to in times of trouble and decision making. He was probably the smartest man I ever knew. He only finished school through the 8th grade......but he held a phd in life. He was such a wise planner, kind hearted, fun-loving. He was all about family. He loved when we were all together. He was so proud of his grandchildren. In the time he has been gone, he had 1 great great grand child born, 2 great grandchildren and another on the way, a grandson married and. a grand daughter about to be married. Oh, how he would have loved being a part of all of that! One grandson is working in the very facility that my mom , the love of his life, is now in. He sees her daily. I think so often how proud Dad would be to see Jason finally happy and in a job that clearly God wants him at. He has a granddaughter that travels all over the united states with her job. Dad loved to travel. He would plan the most amazing vacations. He had visited every state. He would love knowing that she is now traveling to new places and seeing new things. He was all about that. He has a grandson that has graduated videoagraphy school and is now has his own business along with his wife shooting weddings and other occasions. One of my Dad's passions was photography. He would have loved that!! We just celebrated our family Christmas with mom last weekend. We still come home for Christmas. We had so much fun together laughing, playing games. Dad would have loved that! Family. He loved it all.
I know this has been a rambling post. But, I woke at 4 this morning and kept thinking about Dad, as yesterday was the anniversary of his death. I miss him. I miss him alot. I am so thankful for the Dad that I had. I am thankful that because of his decision to ask Christ into his heart, that I can live with that hope....knowing that I will seem him again. Merry Christmas Dad. I am missing you alot.....and I love you so much.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


We celebrated the Mayberry christmas on Saturday at Heritage Point with my mom. This was a new experience for all of us. But, it felt right. My mom has been through so many BIG changes this year. The fall, hospitalization, move into a nursing facility. But, thankfully she realizes it is the right choice for her. She has adjusted well. She is making friends, she is in a good enviroment. It is good just knowing that someone is taking care of her and that she is safe.
We decided to meet there for Christmas. My brother and all of his family came from Michigan...our kids were all there. We had a great time! We ate, had gift exchange....and our white elephant exchange (which will explain the next picture). And at my mom's request, we played bingo! Who knew that bingo could be so much fun?? Of course, mom has become the bingo queen so she had a little more experience. We had prizes for everyone! Lottery tickets etc. Everyone played. Rich and Sharon were quite the team. I think Rich may have been a 'caller' in a previous life. And Sharon....kind of worried about her....she seemed to know just a little too much about making the game exciting.

Is this a good look or what? It lights up and dances. Everything a hat should be and more! Actuall, Rich ended up loosing it to Jason. Jason plans to wear it at work....the patients will LOVE it!!! I am sure he will bring a smile to many faces!! Sorry Rich...
My niece Marissa and her boyfriend, Sarafin

Mom gets a new sweater!

Shelby and Aaron...first Christmas as a married couple

mother and child........

My brother Terry and wife Sharon.....don't think he looks very enthused..


My niece Marissa and Maryn

Aaron and grandma

Daddy love.............

Our son Tyler, the daddy to our beautiful granddaughter

I think Sara hears something....

Great grandma Mayberry meets Maryn for the first time..........

Grandma B finally gets her chance ...........have I mentioned that this is one beautiful baby???

This is brother's little cock-a-poo.

Tyler, Missy and little was her birthday..1 month!

My daughter Sara, nephew Aaron and Leonda.

This is my son Jason and his girlfriend, Leonda. They brought Leonda's daughters with so good having little ones around again!

This is Emma. She is 5....what a sweet face. She and her sister are smart, funny little girls!

This is Shelby.....

more of the vintage glass beads from my childhood...

I soo love this Santa. My mom and dad put it out every year for as long as I can remember. And I know this sounds crazy, but it has a 'special' smell to it....and it always brings back memories.