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Monday, May 30, 2011

SALE(ing) ON. . . . .

Thank you for everyone that came out for the sale! I know I have said this before, but I have met the most amazing people through my sales. I look forward to re-connecting with many of them at sale time.
Two of those amazing daughter Sara. She is my greatest supporter....always encouraging me....with her is one our dearest friends....Ken. We love he and his wife Belinda....she is not in the picture because she is shopping......always like that! Ken comes for the iced lattes and cookies......(only kidding you!)

Our celebrity spotting!! This is Lisa Velthouse. She is an author and was in Marion for a book signing. I am reading one of her books right now..."Craving Grace". It is a story of faith, failure. and her search for sweetness. Love it!

Me and my hard-working daughter Sara and my friend Bridgette.
Last Thursday Sara's best friend from college flew in for the weekend. Alison lives in Dallas. She is like a daughter to Rich and I. We love her to pieces. She is also a newly wed. We met her and Sara for lunch at the Rusty Dog in Huntington. YUM YUM. They have the best food....and great atmosphere.

My next big project! This Sunday I will be hosting a wedding/shower luncheon for this beautiful girl. My niece Lauren. She and Kraig have dated since high school. They now live in Fishers. Love this girl! She is sweet, smart......beautiful on the inside and out!
Missy and I are giving the shower and have decided on a "vintage Paris theme". (I love themes!)
We have lots of things planned and I am busy decorating....I will post pictures next week. I have family coming in from Michigan and looking forward to the weekend.

Lauren had asked me several months ago to do boxes for her to give to her wedding party. Her colors are black and white. It has been a fun project to work on and I am anxious to give them to her. I hope she likes them. There are 7 total....each one different. Her one request was that each person's monogram was on them.

Each one has a special little pocket on the inside of the lid with a card that Lauren can write a little note on.

I am also working on the next sale. I have decided to do a couple of "pop-up" sale dates. The first one will be on Saturday, July 23. So, I am busily working away!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Lots of little hair pins from VictoriaGene (aka. Bridgette Boswell)

In the bebe bird boutique there are several new things. How cute are these little skirts?
assorted blocks
If you do not find the letter/color you like...let me know and I can make it up for you!
bebe burp cloths

How sweet are these little crocheted mary jane's? Bridgette did these. I love them!

What a great way to help your little ones with their prayers. These are on glass and you just use a dry erase pen.

Gift tags galore.........

There is so much more, but to be honest I am tired of loading. I worked in the shop all day trying to get everything ready. So hopefully it is enough to make you curious enough to come out tomorrow! Tomorrow is 3-8 and Saturday 10-2.

Friday, May 13, 2011


How sweet is this little wooden box?

I think this little table was originally used to sit a telephone on.
This is on the back on one of the many chairs I have.

Rich surprised me with a window shelf! Love it! It replaces the window box that was falling apart.

I sooooo LOVE the smell of lilacs! I just wished they lasted longer! A sure sign of spring.
I am keeping super busy getting ready for the sale. I cannot believe I only have 1 more week. There is still so much I want to do. Painting, sewing, jewlery. It is impossible to ever be done.
I have decided to do a couple of Saturday sales this summer. Right now I am thinking a date in July and September. In November I will do a big holiday sale. If you are planning on coming next weekend I will have the dates then....if not just please watch my blog!