Journey Home

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I cannot believe that my sale is next weekend! Where has the time gone....I wanted to post some pictures of some of the things that will be available. Hopefully will get some of the furniture posted this weekend! I have also posted some pictures from the Vera Bradley breast cancer event. I had forgot to load them! Oops!

Wall hooks done with old yard sticks
Sorry for the not so good picture! This is a little square wooden is actually done in a crackled pink.

Sorry...some of these pix are a little blurry....I have also done some quotation cuffs...forgot to do pix.

Walk in Faith

Live Love Laugh Inspire

God's grace is immeasurable

Life is a Promise

NEW*** Monogramed Necklaces.....

serving tray using old yard sticks

a vintage theme wall hanging

Early October I attended the TICKLED PINK event at Vera Bradley. This is the breast cancer foundation night. Always a fun fun evening for ladies in pink! Nearly $54,000 was raised that evening that will all go to breast cancer research. $2o, 000 alone was from the silent auction! I had posted a necklace earlier that I did for the event. This year it was truely a family event....My sister in law, nieces came down from Michigan to join my daughter, daughter in law and her mother..It was such a fun evening!!!! And for such a wonderful cause.

Sara, Shelby and Stacey

Ryan Star was the evening's entertainment. WOW! Besides being a real cutie.....sounded just like Neil Diamond....

sister-in-law Sharon and Missy

Sara and my nephew's wife, Shelby

My cute niece Marissa......

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ALL ABOUT MISSY TODAY!!! it is pretty apparent....I AM DEFINITLY going to be one of THOSE kind of first time grandmothers! Just had to post these pictures from last night. Especially since it might the last pictures I get before Maryn makes her appearance! Missy is glowing.....I have never seen her more beautiful!

Rich thought he was being so clever with this......I love this girl! And knowing she is going to be the mother of our grandchild. We feel so blessed. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is the out.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is just a quick update. I have been so busy. We have recently had to put my mother into a health care facility . The Lord has been working behind the scenes. We had someone call asking to rent the house! So, at least it will not be sitting empty all winter. But, that does mean alot of stressfull work in just a few number of days. We are having an estate sale this Saturday. My brother his coming from Michigan tomorrow. Even though I am not emotionally attached to the they moved there after I had left home. It is hard going through their things and deciding what is important...what goes to mission, what goes to the curb. Very, very hard...

BUT...... did want to introduce you to an amazing, creative friend of mine....Bridgette Boswell. She creates under the name VictoriaGene. Victoria is Bridgette's middle name and Gene is her mother. Together they sew, crochet and create amazing things together. A mother-daughter team. Besides being ever so cute....Bridgette is very talanted as you will see in the pictures of just a few of things from her line.

If you have been to my sales, I think you know by now that I am very particular, and try very hard to offer you unique things. I have always wanted to see my shop grow by having some other artisians participate. But, to be honest...I am very picky. So, I am thrilled that Bridgette is going to be apart of the paper-roSe this sale. I think you will love her things. Bridgette totally 'gets it'.....if you know what I mean. She has a vintage heart......

A little peacock chic is that!

OMG! So, just how cute is this? Baby is not for sale.......but the cocoon and hat set are! And it will be available in other colors. Oh, Maryn will be getting her picture taken in a pink one....oh yes!!

just how cute is this apron??!! And some will be available in mommy and me. Great Christmas gift... and did I not tell you that Bridgette is a cutie?? She models too!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am sure I will be using that heading again...IT'S ALL ABOUT just a few short weeks! Maryn Rae Romine is due to make her appearance November 22nd (Maryn is pronounced 'mair-in'). Rich and I will be sharing grandparenting with Missy's parent's Milly and Larry. First grandchild for all of maybe just a little bit excited! I know Rich and I feel so blessed to have Missy as a daughter in law....I know that Milly and Larry feel the same about Tyler. They are just a super neat couple and I know they will be amazing parents. If you have followed Missy'sblog "Our Journey to Three" you will know that they had begun the journey of adopting a child from Ethiopia when they learned they were pregnant. Maryn is definitly a miracle baby!!! On Saturday I had the privledge of hosting a luncheon for Missy and Maryn. My battery died somewhere in the middle of the shower.....thus no people!!! But, will find someone's pictures to post later. Just wanted to share a little part of the special day.....

no way could Maryn NOT be a beautiful baby with these two for parents...

seat of honor

everyone recieved a gift box with a pair of earring with little silver birds

are you picking up on the theme??

Miss Maryn's beautiful mama

how cute is she????! She has a smile that lights up a room!!!