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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I am SO happy for this beautiful family.....Trey, Trenner and Bridgette. They are increasing their family......with the adoption of a precious little one from Uganda! They have been matched with a 4 month old baby boy. You may remember that a portion of my spring sale went toward the adoption. Please pray, as Bridgette is leaving September 30 flying to Uganda to meet him, meet with the attorney. Our friend Jade is going with her. What a blessing that is as this will be Jade's third trip. She and her husband Nathan were able to bring their adorable son Ezra home a year ago. It is a long trip, please pray that they have a safe, restful(if that is at all possible) flight and that Bridgette's time spent with her child is sweet.
ANDDDDDDDDDDDD. Speaking of Uganda....I am beginning to share the exciting news that I too am going! The same amazing friend, Jade is leading an all ladies mission group in March! We will also be staying in the sanyu babies home volunteering for a week. It is an unbelievable opportunity. I have a heart for those adopting. Our own children, Missy and Tyler had actually started the process to adopt when they discovered Maryn was coming!!!! I know that Rich and I are past the age of adopting but my heart tells me to help those that are! There are 10 of us traveling. Most I did not even know. But as we are meeting together and praying for each other and the fears that each of us have, I realize how different and yet how alike we all are. God has given each of us the desire to serve there. It is not a vacation....I have no expectations of that. I know (but also know I do not fully understand) that I will changed. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I just know that I am suppose to go. That God has a plan for each of us.
Our verse is I John 3:18...".dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with ACTIONS and truth." We will be going with that in mind LOVE IN ACTION

Each of us are working together and seperatly with fund raisers. ugghhh...the dreaded word. The thing that is always so difficult to bring up. Another reason I find this a God-thing. The finances have not put the fear in me that I thought it would. I know they will come. I realize it involves sacrifice on my part. I have already been blessed by friends that want to be a part of this journey.
The following are pix of some beautiful hand-rolled paper beads that the women of Uganda made. I love them! The colors, the detail is amazing. I have tried to make paper beads....think I made it through 3...and they did not even look like beads!

These are avalable for each donation of $15.00 We will also be taking orders for t-shirts (donation of $20). Also (sorry forgot to picture) a hand-stamped copper cuff bracelet with the words LOVE IN ACTION ($15 donation).
God is working in Uganda......I can't wait to see how He is going to use me....ME??? I am looking for ward to the time I can talk about it without getting emotional. or maybe not....maybe that is a good thing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This is my daughter's friend, Erin. A beautiful, talented, loving friend. Gone much too soon.
Sara and I had gone to Columbus Ohio last week for the Country Living Fair. Our plans were to meet Erin for dinner on Thursday evening. Sara talked to Erin on Monday and she said that she had been to the dr. for sinus infection the previous week. She left her office at 5:30 on Monday. When she got home she experienced breathing problems and called 911. It took 30 minutes to revive her. When we reached Columbus on Thursday, Sara went straight to the hospital.
She called me crying saying that there was nothing that could be done....she was taken off life support Friday morning. My heart breaks. Someone so young, so full of life. I know Sara is left with so many questions. She just kept saying she did not understand. I am so thankful that I was with her. We are reminded again just how precious life is.
As friends gather tomorrow evening for a celebration of Erin's sweet life may be gain comfort in sharing their memories.
Isaiah 61:2....He will comfort all that mourn.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Pearl gray desk
sweet little dressing table with mirror

It is hard to tell, but this little night stand is painted gray pearl.

Lots of chalk boards.

oops! Did not get the paint scraped off the glass yet!extra large mirror and chalk board

ok. Have so many more images I want to add.....for some crazy reason it is not letting me load. urggggh. So, guess I will have to do another post....................maybe that will give you a reason to come back!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


My next one day sale is coming up fast! Saturday, September 10 from 10-3. I am super excited as the shop is full to the brim! In fact, we have decided to stop working on things for a while because we are running out of room. If you came in July you do not have to worry about looking at left overs.....we have been painting ourselves crazy.
A .couple of my trusted shop workers hard at work!

Believe it or not.....when you next see this piece is will be a kitchen island. Painted black with a galvanized metal top.
I have been working on a couple of shorter dresses or tops.....cute with little ruffled diaper covers!

This piece we re did and it is sitting in our den. It was in pretty rough shape. I think it had been left too close to a fire......

now it looks like this!
A client's family house rulesDoes it look like a potting bench?
Now a kitchen island!

Before.....boring, sad shape dresser.
And after.....I love it! It is hard to tell in this picture, but each of the drawers is a different shade of pink.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Love all the colors in these vintage sheets. Won't they make adorable dresses? I picked them up a flea market this past week.

A waterfall style dresser. I actually finished this today......turned out beautifully. I painted it a pearl grey. Found some cute vintage wallpaper in greys that I plan to line the drawers with.
I LOVE a good flea market. We went to Strawtown last Thursday. We got there about 10 and people were packing up at noon to leave! After asking around we found out that they actually open up about 5 a.m.! We did get some great deals since people were wanting to leave. One of my best deals was locker baskets.....I have wanted some of these forever......great for storage....
One of my favorite finds of the day! Someone had covered a board in bark cloth and hand painted flowers on the top. It is hard to see but there are nails at an angle.....I hung it in my craft room in my sewing area for thread spools. I LOVE IT!
really.......this had to be from the 70's....

Finished and ready for the sale! We had to do a little repair work on this desk....Rich added beadboard to the ends and cream and black knobs that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
Ready for the beach house!
This is a storage/cube table.

I am still on a sewing spree. I think that I becoming addicted to fabric. I love sewing these little dresses. It is such a sweet pattern.

the paper-roSE one day sale is next Saturday, July 23, 10-3. Could I not have picked a cooler time of year to do my first "pop-up" sale????? We started sanding and painting this morning at 7. I know our neighbors love us....We have a good assortment of chairs, small table and dressers. Hope you come and check it out!