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Thursday, January 27, 2011

BRRR. Ok. I am totally over the cold weather. Single digit tempertures do not thrill me. Guess on the plus side it keeps me at home where I am managing to get some projects done. I am trying to work on things for my spring sale. Every year I say that I am not going to wait until a month before. And OMG....I am actually doing it this time! I love working on mixed media things. Canvas, books, etc. So, I am trying to work on something every day. Today I have actually been felting all morning. I will be doing a class here in a couple of weeks. We are making felt rosette pins. I have been buying up old wool sweaters at thrift stores and getting them ready. Should be fun!

Waiting for this necklace to be picked up by a client. It was made using an earring that belonged to her grandmother and I added a vintage crystal on one side. This is the same girl that I did the rings for her cousins for Christmas. I love this piece. She wanted to keep it simple. Hope she likes it.

This necklace was made using a vintage butterfly. My husband's cousin Betsy loves butterflies so I wanted to surprise her with an early birthday gift.

I made several camera straps as gifts for Christmas. My son is sporting a Chicago Cubs strap.

I know that I said NEVER EVER was I going to attempt a slip-cover again. But I decided to bite the bullet and try again. Using a couple of painter's drop cloths I went to work.

alot of pinning and cutting.....

getting there......

Sadie thinks that the drop cloth is for her...guess she wanted a jump on leaving dog hair on the furniture.

DA DA.....finished! Ok. So maybe I will do it again. But, I am going on record as saying that I will NEVER EVER do another t-cushion. How do you sew a t shape and then get the cushion back into it?? I am not a seamstress. Just the last part of that word....stress. Above the chair you can see the corner of a sub-way style board that I did. I put on it all the towns that Rich and I have lived in. 16!!

this is an adorable little vintage table and chair that I did for a client who is expecting her first little princess February 14. Her nursery is done all in pink, so she wanted to bring in some vintage looking green to match a quilt she had.

The chairs are so them. I think I should start looking for Maryn a little set. Tea parties are in that girls future!!

another subway style sign in our bedroom

oh I wish that this were all I had to do......................................

Some more things that I have been making for my spring sale. Little notebooks

decorative little wooden boxes

small mirror

did I already post this????

Did you really think I could post without adding a few pictures of the most beautiful little girl in the world??
On January 16 we had the privledge of attending baby dedication services at the Chapel. I am so proud of Missy and Tyler for this decision to raise that precious little girl in a christian home. And knowing they have a church family that will stand behind them and support them. It was a special morning with all the grandparents there. Followed by lunch at Biaggi's.
What a handsome family!
Love this picture of Maryn holding onto her grandpa Rich's thumb.

Just looking at this face makes me smile.

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

brenda, you amaze me with how utterly creative and talented you are! did you see my post thanking you for all my lovely goodies! and then the pics form emmy's party- i was wearing a ring you made me! i love everything- you are SO sweet and generous! and that grandbaby- she is BEAUTIFUL!