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Thursday, March 29, 2012

NEW LOOK AT the paper-roSe!!!

I am married to a dream-maker! I tell him my vision/dream...he makes it happen! Ok. Maybe not ALL the time. But, he tries! If you visited the paper-roSe, you know that my shop is actually a 2-car garage that I have taken over. Last summer I had this idea for removing one of the garage doors and filling it in with a double set of old doors and a window. I came home one day to find it done! A couple of nights ago I woke Rich up with my latest idea. On the other side of the shop there is a large screened in room. We had a set of french doors we had found in the trash......the picture above (taken from the screened room) says it all! I LOVE it! It not only lightened it up I have almost double the space!
This is a picture taken from inside the shop. Still have some electric work to do before we can start putting the walls back up.
The date has been set for spring sale..MAY 18-19th. As you can see I am literally stacked to the rafters with things!

I will be posting some pictures later this week with some finished things!

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Betsy said...

I just love your dream maker too!! Love that new look. I can't wait until your next sale. I am sooo excited!! Love you.