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Monday, June 23, 2008


I had been thinking about it for a few weeks,trying to talk myself out of it and then, I saw LeAnn's new kitchen...I was inspired to get busy! I re-painted my kitchen! It was a taupe color with cream and accents of blue. So, after much is now "MACARONI"...yep, the color on un-cooked pasta. I love it! It is surprising how much pleasure you can get out of 1 gallon of paint! Makes everything look clean and bright! I love the fact that you can fill in nail holes and just start over. I still have no ideas on what to put on the wall behind the kitchen table. It is a blank slate. I have a chalk board on another wall (LOVE chalk boards in old frames), have small shelves on two walls, mirror on one....not coming up with anything. Any suggetions? I am also encluding a picutre of my "inspirational plate". I found it at a garage sale on Friday for $1.00. It sealed my decision on paint color! Isn't it beautiful?


Rue said...

Your kitchen looks gorgeous! I love the window treatments and the chandelier :)

How about several different mirrors painted in the same trim that is on the window treatments? Or white? Alla Kim at Daisy Cottage.

Thank you for the house support. I loved what you wrote :)


miss gracies house said...

Are those the photos on the side bar? *Macaroni* sounds intriguing...THANKS for the visit-looks like we have a lot in common. Your sale looks like fun-too bad we're soo far away from each other!
I would love to be added to your favorites!
I'll be back again to visit some more!
Have qa great day,

miss gracies house said...

Come back to visit....I've got something for you!