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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I thought it would be fun for Missy's mom, Milly, and I to keep a journal that we could give to Maryn in the future. So, I made us each a little journal.....they are alike, but different. Milly will be able to journal some of her memories of raising Missy, while I will do the same about Tyler. Plenty of room to write and add pictues other mementos. There is a page for the proud grandpas to write about the first time they saw Maryn...... It is just a simple journal, but, I hope that we can both record alot of wonderful memories and will tell Maryn a little bit more about her amazing parents and what it was like for her us to our children become parents.

the day we found out that Maryn was coming.....

love notes about Maryn's daddy

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Betsy said...

Absolutely adorable!!! What a wonderful treasure for Maryn to see how much she was prayed for and how much she was loved when she was born.
I love your creativity ~ I love you.