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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What can always make a gramma smile for her birthday????

Maryn definitely made the day complete! Turning the big 60 was actually perfect! I always
try to celebrate "birthday week". I say milk it for all you can!!! Sara came for the weekend and we had a great time of junking. She is treating me to a little trip first of May! Can't wait. Missy and Tyler came on my actual birthday. I have an amazing daughter-in-law....she made a fabulous dinner....bruschetta chicken, green beans, wild rice....pumpkind /chocolate chip cookies! This is the kind of take out delivery I love!! And the birthday goes on.....our entire family is meeting in FT Wayne for dinner this Saturday. Sometimes it is not so bad getting older....
The dates for my spring sale have been set for May 20-21. I have been asked if I am giving up the furniture line......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But, due to the cold weather I have not been able to paint very much. So, trying to work on other things.
For example this necklace........

bebe burp cloths........

rings using vintage earrings

also using vintage buttons that are layered

another little mirror

necklace made using vintage earring

oops....think you have seen this one............

a wreath with rosettes

little ruffled pillow made using a blouse that I had planned to send to the mission..

"H" stands for Harrison......our newest addition due in late June.

ruffled journals

MY BIRTHDAY GIFT FROM HUBBY!!! I have always had re-built sewing machines....which is fine...but, my old one bit the dust last Saturday....right in the middle of a project I was working on for a customer. Rich surprise me with this beauty!!!! I have been having so much fun! It even has an automatic threader....ok, haven't figured that one out yet....but I am content just to

keep threading the old way. It is a dream to sew with!

How cute is the print? I loooovvvvee cute little monkeys! This was burp cloth I did for Maryn.

My first attempt at a Bible cover......I see alllllll the things that could have been done better.

This mornings completed Bible cover. Much, much better. This is going to a new friend at our church. She is actually the one that first asked me about doing a cover. I plan to drop it off this afternoon...hope that she likes it...flaws and all! The wonderful thing is though, as many flaws that can be found on this fortunate for us that what it contains is give to us without any flaws

Want to do some more.....keep improving on my technique!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

yay! happy birthday, brenda! you look AMAZING!!!!

Beth said...

LOVE it all. Can't wait for the sale!