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Saturday, March 26, 2011


I found these fishing lures at a flea market and loved the bright colors...thought they would make cute necklaces.

This is my first attempt at making a shoe. Missy had seen some adorable ones on etsy. But $42 seems just a little high. Ok. Or so I thought until I attempted this one. I did inform Missy mine would be $50 a pair. I will of course keep trying until I get a pair that we would actually put on Maryn. Plus, somehow, what I thought started out as the right size ended up being like a newborn size. Back to the sewing machine. I am determined to get this right.

I made these two bracelets last night. I love a simple bracelet. Ask my daughter.....she hates it when I start piling them on. This does not really show the detail. They are swarovski crystal chain that I wire wrapped onto leather cord. The top one is turquoise and the bottom one is olivine crystal. I plan to do more using pearl chain and crystal.

I love anything turquoise. So, I will be keeping this one. The the other bracelet was a birthday gift from my sister in law and brother . What a surprise. It is a Pandora with a heart charm! I did not ever consider myself a pandora kinda girl......but love the simplicity of this one! Sharon you are the best!!!!!

working on several of these for the sale. Last year I did only one and it did not make it through the first hour! Making several versions of this for the May sale.

Just finished reading this book! LOVED IT! I am not great at keeping a journal other then the one that I am keeping for Maryn. But, I have a little mini journal that I have started my 1000 gift list in. Forget the bucket lists about once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I want to be about finding joy today, right now in the everyday things. I want to be found guilty of having radical gratitude!

I find myself looking at life differently. I truely do want to find joy in the bad times as well the good. It is a book that dares you to live fully.

And of course, right at the top of my list is this sweet little one! Her momma is in the process of beginning a new job. So, I am staying with Maryn 3 days a week for the next three weeks. And of course loving every single second. It has been very easy to add to my joy list each day!

I just knew you would be disappointed if I did not slip into gramma mode...... Hope you are having a great week!
Almost forgot.....this is one of our 'grand-dogs'. Peaut. He belongs to Maryn. He is 175 lbs of lovable. He may look intimidating....but, is such a good boy!

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Suzanne Howell said...

I love that you love turquoise, one thousand gifts, and those shoes!!!! If you figure out those shoes and a price, you just let me know lady! love ya