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Sunday, April 24, 2011

JUST A TEASER. . . . . . .

the wacky birds have found a place to roost

Loving the colors in these fabrics.......will definitely be using them on some chair seats...

For those who have questioned if I will be doing any furniture for this sale.....ha! Plenty of it! I don't know if I will ever get to the bottom of our stockpile! But, we are working, working working! With nice weather finally here, we are able to do alot of work outside.

interesting piece we found....

literally stacked to the rafters!

an old radio cabinet. I love the detail on this.

This is so much cuter in person. Vintage green wall cabinet. The knob is a pink glass butterfly.

There will be lots of little side tables.

Just had to add a picture of sweet Maryn that was taken yesterday at her papa Rich's birthday lunch.

Post cards are ready to be mailed out for the spring sale.....May-20-21! Last sale I added the 'bebe bird' boutique. I am hoping to have some of the baby shoes made! There will be burp cloths, skirts, pillow-case dresses, hair bands.


Sarah said...

It looks like its going to be a fabulous sale! My garage looks like your pictures, with a big old truck in the midst as well. Take lots of pictures of your sale please!!! I want to see the final results of all those great pieces of furniture!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

wow, brenda! way to make me really sad i can't be there!!! :) best of luck!

Susan said...

I am very excited to come to your sale for the first time with my cousins! I am one of the lucky gals to receive a ring made from my Grandmas earrings and can't wait to see everything else you have. I've been hearing about your sales for awhile now and we are finally coordinating a joint shopping trip! I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed judging from all these pictures!