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Saturday, April 23, 2011

These Shoes are made for walking.........

Not really. Maybe for crawling. I just finished them for Maryn! I finally found a pattern that actually made sense.....and I have already started another pair in a lite gray polka dot! Hopefully will have some made for the upcoming sale. This pair has a little pair of vintage buttons on the side! Tomorrow is Easter. Probably my favorite holiday. My mind has been on the cross alot lately.....and all that it stands for. To know that someone loved me......ME......enough to die for me...that I might have eternal life. I thank God for a risen Savior!

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Betsy said...

Love ~ Love ~ Love the baby shoes!! And of course that sweet baby Maryn too!! I am so excited about your sale. Looks like lots of fantastic creations!! And I love my little Madelyn Love Notes Book too!! I will have so much fun filling it for her.