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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Is this the sweet face of innocence? My sweet Sadie-girl. I was working in the shop today and Rich made me an iced latte (yumm his are the best!). I had set it down on a drawer and continued painting.

mmmm, don't really remember taking a drink yet......and I thought it was full when I set it down. But, why are there splatters everywhere??
Is this a guilty face?
Those are not freckles my friends..... GUILTY! Another one hooked on caffiene.
And not to gross you out......but, yes...I did finish drinking it. Don't they say a dog's mouth is cleaner then a humans? Didn't i read that somewhere????

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Beth said...

So adorable. I have finished off many a diet coke that was left unattended. Thanks for sharing these cute pics.