Journey Home

Friday, May 23, 2008

What a cold, dreary start to a holiday weekend! But, it is suppose to warm up. YEAH! I think of this as the official start to summer... We do not have any big plans. Sara is coming home this evening. I have been painting all week, getting ready for my up coming sale. It is set for June 13-14. The original date was 6-7th, but, then I found out that town rummages were scheduled for that weekend. So, plan B went into action. I am late in getting my mailers out. But, Rich just picked them up, so they will be in the mail this afternoon! We have found alot of goodies that I have been busily re-working and painting and I am anxious to share. I will be posting some pictures this weekend of some of the sale items. I have been busy painting, working on paper goods, painting, jewelry making, painting, tagging items, painting, doing some mosiac work, painting. Did I mention that I am doing ALOT of painting????? I am also posting some pictures that were taken around the house. I am always moving things from room to room, re-painting (that's a surprise), and re-purposing things. I LOVE IT!!!!

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