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Sunday, November 29, 2009


We have started a new book in Sunday school. The title of the book is 'PLAN A, and there's no plan B" by Dwight Robertson. We are just getting started, but it is a powerful book. It is a book filled with "chance encounters", God's little coincidences," "divine appointments". We all encounter these every day. But, at the end of the day "what difference did my life make?" Have I made a difference in any one's life? The discussion today gave me food for thought. The last time I ate in a restaurant....SOMEONE waited on my table. Black Friday when I was shopping....SOMEONE rang up my purchase. SOMEONE was standing in front and behind me me in line while I was shopping......SOMEONE answered the telephone when I called in my pizza. All chance encounters. We live in such a busy, self-centered time that we some times forget that those SOMEONES are people with the same problems we have. How much does it take to offer a word of encouragement to someone? In this day of emails and often do we actually take the time to sit down and write a personal word of encouragement to someone? To take the time to tell someone what a difference they have made in our life? We all want the same thing. To be accepted, to feel like we matter. We all appreciate a kind word. We all need validation that we are of importance. We all need to slow down and see people. Offer a kind word to that SOMEONE at the cash register, that person who is taking his/her 20Th order for the day. Is it really that hard to smile? Does it really take that much extra effort to encourage someone? Do you have "chance occurrences"?


melissarae said...

Great post! This is so true, there are so many times that I take for granted those that I love and fail to mention how special they are to me:) Thank you!
P.S. I love you and am so greatful to have you as my mother in law:)

Beth said...

We are going to be starting this book in our small group in the next two weeks. I'm excited now that I know what it's about.

Jenea said...

Hi dear!!!! My congratulations for you!!!! Yohohooooo! You are really very lucky! ;)
Have a good day's!

love said...

thank you for visiting and for your kind words. i'm so humbled that our simple story of love is encouraging people or might have helped (in a small way) to pave the way for more children to find their forever family!

and thank you for this post. so very true!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Wonderful reminder! I do try and always keep in mind others and their needs but sometimes life in a rush gets in the way.
This sounds like a great bible study~

Beth said...

We are really enjoying PLAN A. Some of our friends in our group, Ryan and Amie Ott, are personal friends of Dwight and just visited with him in Colorado this past weekend. The book is very inspiring.