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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I miss my dad. December 17, 2002 was THE saddest day of my life and also one of the happiest. My dad left his earthly home and is now enjoying his heavenly home...seeing his mother and father again...brothers and sisters that had gone before him, even a great grandson that he has now probably held for the first time. There are days that I miss him so much that it is like there is a weight on my chest. Other days I think of him and it just brings a smile to my face. It is still so hard to believe that he is gone. I am beginning to forget what his voice sounded like and that scares me. Even though I know I would recognize it instantly if I heard it. My dad was a very strong force in our family. He was the one that we went to in times of trouble and decision making. He was probably the smartest man I ever knew. He only finished school through the 8th grade......but he held a phd in life. He was such a wise planner, kind hearted, fun-loving. He was all about family. He loved when we were all together. He was so proud of his grandchildren. In the time he has been gone, he had 1 great great grand child born, 2 great grandchildren and another on the way, a grandson married and. a grand daughter about to be married. Oh, how he would have loved being a part of all of that! One grandson is working in the very facility that my mom , the love of his life, is now in. He sees her daily. I think so often how proud Dad would be to see Jason finally happy and in a job that clearly God wants him at. He has a granddaughter that travels all over the united states with her job. Dad loved to travel. He would plan the most amazing vacations. He had visited every state. He would love knowing that she is now traveling to new places and seeing new things. He was all about that. He has a grandson that has graduated videoagraphy school and is now has his own business along with his wife shooting weddings and other occasions. One of my Dad's passions was photography. He would have loved that!! We just celebrated our family Christmas with mom last weekend. We still come home for Christmas. We had so much fun together laughing, playing games. Dad would have loved that! Family. He loved it all.
I know this has been a rambling post. But, I woke at 4 this morning and kept thinking about Dad, as yesterday was the anniversary of his death. I miss him. I miss him alot. I am so thankful for the Dad that I had. I am thankful that because of his decision to ask Christ into his heart, that I can live with that hope....knowing that I will seem him again. Merry Christmas Dad. I am missing you alot.....and I love you so much.


Beth said...

Very touching Brenda. I feel the same way about my grandparents, who are sadly all gone. I was as close to one of my grandmas as I am to my mom. It's especially hard around the holidays...
Thanks for sharing.

melissarae said...

I cannot imagine what losing a dad feels like...but know that I am thinking about you and love you very much!!