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Thursday, May 13, 2010


MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE......a friend in Seattle had asked me to present her mother with a gift certificate (to the paper-roSe of course!!). So,this is how I presented it to a message in a bottle. Happy Mother's Day Marian! I chose the teapot because Marian is all about tea! This girl knows how to do a tea party right!
teardrop on a sterling silver wire.....simple!

(please excuse wrinkles and age spots!)

this was an idea I stole from my swap buddy, Cassie. She sent me vintage music sheets. Love them!!!!

A couple of special mother's day orders that I did......hand-punched sterling silver......

tools of the trade.......ok....the secret is out.......I am a messy creator

Mother's Day was a great day for flea marketing....we found alot of neat pieces for the sale. Can't wait to get the paint brush out and transform!

won't this be cute with numbers on the drawers??


soneal1225 said...

I love Sawyer on your chalk board>

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning!....I wanted to thank you for wanting to participate in my Very Vintage Summer Swap!...I do need you to please fill out the information sheet I have provided & e-mail it back to me so I can officially sign you up! Thank you so much!...Your friend, Heidi XO
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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

brenda- your blocks look fantastic! so much better than mine! :)
i also love the rose necklace with the 3 muslin roses.
and i also love sawyer, but not htat sawyer. sawyer is my son's name! (in no relation to lost!)

Beth said...

Love all you are creating! Have you even been to this blog. I think it's pretty great.