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Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a beautiful day! Although I do not think I am ready for almost 90 degree weather! I should have been outside painting today....but this seemed like a much better idea! We drove to Ft Wayne, after church and met our kids for brunch. I love them so much! It was a great way to end the weekend....great way to begin a new week!

my beautiful daughter in law, Missy...showing off her barely obvious 'baby bump'. We are all SO SO happy for Missy and Tyler.....and of course super excited to welcome our first grand-child in November.

Tyler and Rich.....can you tell they are son and dad??

We did manage to find some great things this weekend. At this point things are stacked to the rafters in the shop. I did get several things painted and will post some pictures later this week.

These are a few things we picked up
a beautiful silver cake stand . I saw the blue board in a trash bag at a garage sale. I loved it! I painted the word "beach" on it....will post it later.

small childs rocker and an adorable rocking horse. I have a feeling the little horse will not make it into the sale.....may have to be put back for baby Romine...

old wooden crates and shelving....I will probably take the crates apart and make signs. I make jewlery out of these pieces....or maybe use for everyday instead of the stainless.....

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