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Sunday, October 3, 2010


I am sure I will be using that heading again...IT'S ALL ABOUT just a few short weeks! Maryn Rae Romine is due to make her appearance November 22nd (Maryn is pronounced 'mair-in'). Rich and I will be sharing grandparenting with Missy's parent's Milly and Larry. First grandchild for all of maybe just a little bit excited! I know Rich and I feel so blessed to have Missy as a daughter in law....I know that Milly and Larry feel the same about Tyler. They are just a super neat couple and I know they will be amazing parents. If you have followed Missy'sblog "Our Journey to Three" you will know that they had begun the journey of adopting a child from Ethiopia when they learned they were pregnant. Maryn is definitly a miracle baby!!! On Saturday I had the privledge of hosting a luncheon for Missy and Maryn. My battery died somewhere in the middle of the shower.....thus no people!!! But, will find someone's pictures to post later. Just wanted to share a little part of the special day.....

no way could Maryn NOT be a beautiful baby with these two for parents...

seat of honor

everyone recieved a gift box with a pair of earring with little silver birds

are you picking up on the theme??

Miss Maryn's beautiful mama

how cute is she????! She has a smile that lights up a room!!!

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Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Such a beautiful shower! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Heather @ Sew Much Designs puts a lot of detail into her clothes and the quality is very impressive, if you order something you will be happy.
Have fun with your new grandbaby.