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Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is just a quick update. I have been so busy. We have recently had to put my mother into a health care facility . The Lord has been working behind the scenes. We had someone call asking to rent the house! So, at least it will not be sitting empty all winter. But, that does mean alot of stressfull work in just a few number of days. We are having an estate sale this Saturday. My brother his coming from Michigan tomorrow. Even though I am not emotionally attached to the they moved there after I had left home. It is hard going through their things and deciding what is important...what goes to mission, what goes to the curb. Very, very hard...

BUT...... did want to introduce you to an amazing, creative friend of mine....Bridgette Boswell. She creates under the name VictoriaGene. Victoria is Bridgette's middle name and Gene is her mother. Together they sew, crochet and create amazing things together. A mother-daughter team. Besides being ever so cute....Bridgette is very talanted as you will see in the pictures of just a few of things from her line.

If you have been to my sales, I think you know by now that I am very particular, and try very hard to offer you unique things. I have always wanted to see my shop grow by having some other artisians participate. But, to be honest...I am very picky. So, I am thrilled that Bridgette is going to be apart of the paper-roSe this sale. I think you will love her things. Bridgette totally 'gets it'.....if you know what I mean. She has a vintage heart......

A little peacock chic is that!

OMG! So, just how cute is this? Baby is not for sale.......but the cocoon and hat set are! And it will be available in other colors. Oh, Maryn will be getting her picture taken in a pink one....oh yes!!

just how cute is this apron??!! And some will be available in mommy and me. Great Christmas gift... and did I not tell you that Bridgette is a cutie?? She models too!!!!

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Susie from Bienvenue said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Praying that the Lord has his hands on everything. Those lil cocoons are just soooo sweet. Almost makes me want a baby....almost..ha! Happy day to you~