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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Lots of little hair pins from VictoriaGene (aka. Bridgette Boswell)

In the bebe bird boutique there are several new things. How cute are these little skirts?
assorted blocks
If you do not find the letter/color you like...let me know and I can make it up for you!
bebe burp cloths

How sweet are these little crocheted mary jane's? Bridgette did these. I love them!

What a great way to help your little ones with their prayers. These are on glass and you just use a dry erase pen.

Gift tags galore.........

There is so much more, but to be honest I am tired of loading. I worked in the shop all day trying to get everything ready. So hopefully it is enough to make you curious enough to come out tomorrow! Tomorrow is 3-8 and Saturday 10-2.

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