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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Post cards are mailed. I hope that you received yours! Really beginning to go into work mode. Painting whenever possible, sewing during my lunch break and in the evenings. In another week I will begin to question myself if I really have 'enough' for a sale (always, always do). Then the following week I will start questioning if anyone will really show up, because I probably picked the worse possible dates for a sale..... All the doubts begin to set in as to what I was thinking. But at he same time I LOVE doing it all! I look forward to seeing new and old friends. ( not referring to age, by the way). That is one of the things I so love about this crazy 'hobby' that I have started. I have met so many wonderful people and many that I now call friend! I guess shabby chic /vintage people are the best!
This is a really special sale. I am donating a portion to the Adoption Fund of Trey and Bridgette Boswell. Please check out her blog at to read about it. They are an amazing couple. Bridgette is one of those special people that I met through my sale that I now call friend. God has really put it on my heart to want to do something to help. This is one of those times in my life that I wish I were be able to adopt. To be able to open our home and our hearts to a child that so desperately needs both. As many of your know, our son and daughter in law were in the process of adopting from Ethiopia when they learned that they were pregnant with Maryn. Adoption is still very much on their hearts. They feel that God would not have put it so heavily on their hearts just to take that desire away when Maryn was born.
Missy started a blog that chronicles their journey.
I know that some question the practice of fund-raising for adoption. I guess I see it as a way of Bridgette and Trey sharing. They are allowing us to be a small part of their remarkable journey. Do I think I will ever go to Ughanda? No, not really. Would I love to? ABSOLUTELY. But, by supporting Bridgette and Trey in such a small way I feel that I am being blessed! I will see Ughanda through them. I will be able to help a precious child through them. They are not asking for money as much as support. What a responsibilty they have...God has put it on their hearts to open their hearts to child hundreds of miles away. A child they have not met, but already love.
It is kind of hard to tell in this photo. But this is actually a set of 3 wooden trays. I painted them in "beachy' colors....light blue, cream, soft green....
I told you there would be lots of chairs! And in all colors. I love love love wold wooden chairs.
Wooden magnetic birds.
dish cloths in springy colors

Love the soft blue of this table. I keep wanting to work it into my living room somewhere.
I was trying to go with beach colors on this dresser. Soft blue and a vintage green. Are you detecting a beach thing going on here.....oh, I would so love to be walking on the sand, with the sound of the surf and have warm sun on my shoulders.......

sofa table in peppercorn gray
light blue polka dots on chocolate....yum
A fun little aqua side table
I fell in love with this sweet sweet vintage looking fabric!
A fun pillow made from a grain sack.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i am dying because i have the same exact pair of birds painted white for me to take to the market in a couple weeks!!!!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i got so excited about the birds i forgot to comment on antyhing else... awesome cause!!!
and love love love the peppercorn table.