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Saturday, February 5, 2011


First, I fix myself a cup of peppermint mocha......with an added dollop of whipped topping and chocolate sprinkles....ahhhhh...and it just happens to be in my favorite mug.... then I start looking for projects. Like this....Rich's hospital bracelet from when he was born. This is going into a project that I have been working on. Wonder who that could be for??

I force my poor Annie outside into the elements for a photo shoot. Actually, she likes it out there. You have to make her come in. Silly girl.
Hopefully I will get Maryn's valentine box to her before spring! We had planned to visit her this evening....but now there is a travel advisory in effect and the snow is still falling.

it is filled with goodies for my favorite little Valentine this year.....

I am looking around for photo shots of ANYTHING......

I organized my jewelry center.....I can actually find things again!

Yesterday I decided to "paper" the wall in the hall using pages from old books.

love the way it turned out. I had done a wall in my shop last summer. Easy, fun and free!

Yes, we actually do bring snow into the house for our dogs to eat. Sadie loves it. We really try not to bring the yellow kind in....

I have been busy making more rings. So much fun to wear!
a wooden bangle covered with little summery

I have been gathering together all heart related things.....thinking of doing a junky heart necklace.

Sadie tried out the new bench.
I decided to put the risers back on the bed. Sadie and Maggie decided they couldn't jump that high. Which might have been a good thing......we could have re-claimed our bed. But, being the good parents we are, decided we needed a bench. So, Rich made with using the legs of an old end table. Perfect! Sadie thinks its makes a pretty good bed, too!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

you have been one busy lady, brenda! that bracelet is adorable- what a wonderful idea! and little maryn is the luckiest girl ever to have such a thoughtful, talented, and creative gramma!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...
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Betsy said...

Love little Maryn's Valentine Box. What a precious keepsake of her very first Valentine's Day!! I love the wallpaper too ~~ also the wall in your shop! Very CREATIVE!! (I have one of those baby bracelets like Rich's. Mine says Dean though!)

DogE.Dazzle said...

Hey there Brenda, we've never met, but I live and work in the Marion area and spend much time creating and crafting, especially love vintage finds, flea mkts, etc.; stumbled upon your blog, and decided we love the same things. Hope someday we meet....meanwhile, I'll check back and see what beautiful things you're working on; hopefully get some creative ideas. Thanks for sharing.....Deb