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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Like so many others I am soooo ready for spring! We have already spotted a few robins and our magnolia bush is covered in blooms. I plan to venture out in the yard tomorrow and check out the forsythia bush to see if there are any buds. I want to cut some and bring in to force bloom. The little yellow blooms are one of my very favorite signs of spring!!! I know we have some time before spring is really here.....but I am loving the 50-60 degree weather, no matter how short lived it is. In Indiana we could have blizzard like weather next week!

This is a necklace I have done......loved the little velvet flower.......... love, love, love

A girl has to take time out for a coffee break once in a while. Plus, love the sentiments on this what you do!!

I had a group of lovely ladies over last week for a felting class. Actually, I had done the felting ahead of time....we did felt flower pins. What a great evening!

so many colors to choose from!

How cute is this little count-down calendar? The ends are chalk. They will be available with different color lettering. Also, some are made to be hung on the wall. This could be fun for a child to count down the days until their birthday.....Christmas....vacation.

isn't it the truth?

"Home is where you can scratch where it itches"

Inititial block.................

Silly birds..............

funny, silly looking little birds.....

when in doubt, give a gift certificate! When someone buys a certificate it is put into a decorated vintage bottle.....a double gift!

this is a little wooden bank that reminds me of a treasure chest. I have painted and distressed it in pink. I think I will add a little vintage frame to the front that you can personalize.

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

hi brenda! i was wondering if you ever planned on opening an etsy shop? i would love to purchase some of your items!!! i love those birds!