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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do you know what this is???? My last post I mentioned that I was going to wade out into the snow and cut some forsythia branches to bring in to force.....LOOK!!!! Little green buds......I will soon have those first signs of spring right in my dining room! I do this every year.....and every time I am amazed! I love a new beginning. I really needed to do a wider font.....but, this as my first attempt at sub-way art. It is hanging in our living room. These are all names of towns that Rich and I have lived in over the years.

Hard to tell in this picture.....but, this is actually a pale gray.

this colorful ring was made using an earring that belonged to our cousins mother in law. Hope that she likes it!

vinage button ring

another vintage button

Surprising one of Sara's friends with a little goodie package. There just may be a little surprise in this little box.

for example this vintage pink earring ring.

a fun magnetic message board. The buttons are magnets!

a cute little mirror........

more of those monogramed blocks that I cannot seem to get enough of.

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i always love seeing what you have been up to. you are so creative and inspiring brenda!!! i love all of your projects!