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Saturday, February 12, 2011

February - LOVE MONTH

Valentine's Day is Monday. I think immediate thoughts go to heart related things. I started looking through my house to see what I could find that had hearts. ummmm. I used to collect all heart related things....guess I have moved on. It was tougher then I thought. So I began to look for heart related things from a different angle......Valentine's Day....hearts=love.
Doesn't it always start and end with family? Those that mean the very most to you. I started at our "family wall".....our children, Jason, Tyler, Jenny and Sara. Oh my goodness, where does time go. Jason is now 37 about to become a father for the first time and Tyler is 31 and is daddy to our sweet Maryn.
Don't laugh......I guess Rich and I are old then we thought from the looks of this picture.

A part of our parents, Rich's dad and step mother and Rich's mom and step father.....

my dad's parents. This was the only grandparents I ever knew.

Missy and Tyler= LOVE

love birds?

this was a valentine surprise from Rich one year. While vacationing in Hilton Head he had written this message in the sand (yes, he calls me Da......long story....). So, for Valentine's day he printed it with a pink tint, cut it out and put it on my pillow. How sweet is that? I love it.

more of those crazy love birds.....

sweet Maryn and the necklace that I made for her momma....

ok. use your imagination on this one. It was some felted pins I had done for class the other night. Kind of looks like a heart though...right?
I found a few heart pieces in my jewelry box.

February is also "Red Dress" month.....heart health for women. This is dear to me as
I have had heart problems. It is so important not to ignore symptoms you may heart, skipped beats. I did. For years I would have episodes when my heart would begin to race. Lasting usually just minuets. Over time it might race for up to 30-45 minutes. At Christmas time 1999 my heart began to race. Once again I put it off as anxiety, hormones (all things I had heard in the past as a reason for racing heart). After 3 days it was still racing. I had got to the point where I actually had to sit up to sleep. That is when Rich finally over-rode my denial and took me to the emergency room. When we reached the hospital my heart rate was 265. They could not even get my blood pressure. I could hardly hold my head up, but I was still insisting it was prob. just bronchitis. Ha! I had gone into congestive heart failure. I was admitted to the hospital and that is where I spent the next week....through Christmas. 3 months later I had a heart ablation. We were told it would be an hour procedure......10 1/2 hours later the doctors said that they had the problem fixed. 3 months later as we were watching television I felt my heart again. But, once again I ignored it for 3 days....I mean I was told that I was "fixed". So, I knew it had to be my imagination.
Another trip to the hospital....another heart ablation. This time after 4 hours the doctor comes out to tell Rich that they did not get the results they were wanting as they had cut a nerve and my heart was not beating on its own. At least not fast enough that I would be able to function. So, early the next morning I was scheduled for a pacemaker. I was only 47! Much to young for all this. It was so hard for me to accept at the time. Even knowing it was the only answer to keep me alive I was still so angry.
But, here I am 12 years later....on my second pacemaker. Grateful to be alive and so thankful for modern medicine. All this to say... I did not go to the doctor because I did not want to be embarrassed because it was "nothing". I waited until it was almost too late. My problem was actually something I had had since birth . If you experience rapid heart rate, tell your doctor.
Women's heart disease is on the rise. And not always diagnosed, but put off as anxiety or change of life. It is up to you to take care of yourself.


Beth said...

Thanks for sharing this Brenda ! You are a very strong woman of God!

Betsy said...

I love the Valentine's Post. The "LOVE" for your family is so evident in your home and in your heart. I love the pictures, the pins you made, the hearts and love birds, but most of all I love the way you made Valentine's Day into a real "heart message". I'm glad Richard took you to the ER years ago, so we still have you to love today!!