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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Alot of you know that I have been spending more time then I like at the hospital....and the 45 minute drive both ways is very tiring. Last Sunday as I was driving home about midnight, I was listening to a christian radio station. To be honest, as first I am thinking to myself....oh my goodness, this guy talking has to be 100 and I hope that I can stay awake. I know.....not very christian like, huh? Anyway...he was talking to this woman and she was explaining how each year she has a word that she embraces......that she tries to live and 'take-in' thoughout the year. You know how you sometimes hear things that you just cannot get away from? Well, this was me. It was like I just could not stop thinking about it.....a word that I wanted to 'take-in'. I thought of so many over the coming days.....but, the first word that popped into my head and that I just kept coming back to was "forgive and forgivenes". wow. Believe me, I kept trying to think of other words (this woman's word was authentic). Always, these words jut kept repeating themselves to me. Ohhhhh........such a word! Something I love to receive, but is sometimes so difficult to extend. I sob when I think of what God has so graciously extended to me......without me even having to beg (which I sometimes need to do). I have so many issues that I seem to be trying to work through right now. And this is the word that can take care of so many of them. Forgive.
It can be so hard when there are so many deep hurts involved. Forgive. This is the word that I want to embrace......that I truely want to 'take in'. Not only to receive but to be the one that is graciously extending.....with no strings attached. I take comfort in the fact that the Lord knows my heart......I believe He understands that it is a process that has humans we sometimes struggle with the fact that we have to be right....there has to be remorse from the person that offends, that we want fairness. But, it scares me to think where I would be if God had the same attitude and I got what I deserved......praise God for a thing called grace.
I know that this is not my usual post. But, it is something that has been on my heart all week. From the time I listened to the guy I thought would put me to sleep. Do you have a word?

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